Caterina Soffici

journalist and author

Caterina Soffici writes from London on the arts and current affairs for the Italian publications Il Fatto Quotidiano, Vanity Fair and Il Venerdì di Repubblica. She also contributes to the Ministry of Stories, the lab in Hoxton, East London, where children and young adults are taught the importance of creativity, story-telling and memory. She is the author of Ma le donne no - come si vive nel paese più maschilista d'Europa (2010), Italia yes Italia no (2014) and her first novel Nessuno può fermarmi (Feltrinelli, 2017).

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Events in past editions
#IJF17 / 5 april 2017

Nobody can stop me

The torpedoing and sinking in June 1940 while on its way to Canada of the Arandora Star, a ship full of Italian and German citizens condemned to expulsion after Mussolini declared war on the UK, is...