Giovanna Zucconi

entrepreneur and journalist

Giovanna Zucconi was a newspaper, radio and TV journalist for many years (PickwickSumoChe tempo che fa). She now runs Serra&Fonseca, the perfume label she created. She is the author of La sua voce è profumo. Passeggiata letteraria tra aromi, odori, fragranze. (2014, Mondadori).

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Events in past editions
#IJF15 / 17 april 2015

The Good Life

A documentary-reportage from India. The meeting between a great writer, who becomes a director for the first time, and the stories of three Italians who chose India as the place for a new beginning....

#IJF13 / 27 april 2013

Perfect acoustics

A cellist of La Scala Opera House in Milan married a boisterous woman, whom he had already fallen in love with during childhood. One day, after years of living together, she disappears. In her place...

#IJF12 / 28 april 2012

Music and Words

Music and Words The singer-songwriter Gianmaria Testa sings for UNICEF Italy in a show with Giovanna Zucconi in support of the campaign on child mortality Vogliamo Zero (We want Zero). Organise...