Enrico De Angelis

co-founder UntoldStories

Enrico De Angelis holds a PhD in Political Communication. He mainly works on new media and public sphere in Syria and Egypt, but also on grassroots media, political communication, and journalism in the MENA region. He did a post-doc at Cedej, Cairo, between 2012 and 2014 analysing the networked public sphere in Egypt. He is one of the co-founders of the Syrian media platform SyriaUntold and co-founder of the Italian version of Orient XXI. He currently works as a media researcher consultant for organizations such as Free Press Unlimited, UNESCO, International Media Support, Hivos, Deutsche Welle, and Canal France International. He has held teaching positions at the American University of Cairo, Roberto Ruffilli Faculty and the Political Science Faculty at University of Bologna. He published a monograph on media and conflict and several articles on media in the MENA region. He is particularly interested in critical approaches to internet studies and the networked public sphere in the Arab world. He has lived in Berlin since October 2016.

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