Joris Luyendijk

journalist and author

Joris Luyendijk is an Amsterdam-based journalist and writer. His most recent book is Swimming with Sharks (2015, Faber Guardian), an anthropological investigation into the world of banking in the City of London. A keen advocate of innovation in journalism, Luyendijk likes to immerse himself in a subject for years while drawing on his training as an anthropologist to bring out the stories ignored or missed by mainstream media. Swimming with Sharks has become an international bestseller, earning great reviews and very good sales in the UK, Belgium and Germany while topping the charts in Sweden and Finland. In his native Holland Swimming with Sharks ('Dit Kan Niet Waar Zijn') even became the best sold book of 2015. A dozen more foreign editions are forthcoming.

Earlier work by Luyendijk focuses on the six years he spent in the Middle East, first as researcher and later as correspondent. Hello Everybody (Faber, 2010) offers an account of how Middle-East correspondent really work rather than how they pretend they work. The French edition was awarded with the Prix des Assises du Journalisme in 2010. The book also contains some rather good, if rather politically incorrect, jokes that Arabs and Jews tell each other.

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