Julia Bayer

founder @quiztime

Julia Bayer is a freelance journalist, trainer and innovation manager. At the Social Media Newsroom of Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany´s international broadcaster, Julia researches and verifies UGC for (breaking) news. At the DW Research and Cooperation unit, she is involved in verification projects like Truly Media and InVid. For the DW Academy and other organisations, she travels around the world training journalists and NGOs in digital verification, newsgathering, social media and mobile journalism.

Julia is the founder of @quiztime. It is about little quizzes to train and strengthen your verification and geolocation skills on your own or in a team. Since she started around two years ago many journalists and verification enthusiasts have joined. They provide every day new challenges. Come over and verify with us.

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Events in past editions
#IJF19 / 6 april 2019


We present an interactive session on verification skills, based on our daily Twitter quizzes on Quiztime. Creating new examples, we let participants in the audience solve the quizzes together and live...