Jochen Spangenberg

innovation manager Deutsche Welle

Jochen Spangenberg works for Germany's international broadcaster Deutsche Welle in the Research and Cooperation Projects unit, which operates at the intersection of journalism, IT, and media science. In addition to strategic and management issues, Jochen’s topical focus over the past years has been on social newsgathering, verification of user-generated content and the use of eyewitness media for news reporting. This includes participation in the EU co-funded research projects REVEAL, InVID and WeVerify, all dealing with algorithm-supported verification of social media content, and the development of Truly Media, a commercial platform for collaborative verification.

Previously, Jochen was Chief Operating Officer and Editor-in-Chief at a new media company, and worked for BBC News & Current Affairs in radio and TV. Jochen also lectures at the Free University Berlin in Media & Communication Sciences, and is an advisor as well as teacher for Lie Detectors, an NGO that brings media literacy into classrooms. He is the author of the book The BBC in Transition and a number of articles, papers and book chapters.


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