Phoebe Arnold

head of communications Full Fact

Phoebe Arnold is the Head of Communications and Impact at Full Fact, an independent, impartial factchecking organisation in the UK. As the campaign manager for Full Fact’s ambitious EU referendum campaign, she led a team of professional and volunteer factcheckers to evaluate assertions made by major figures on either side of the debate, producing 185 factchecks and briefings alongside video explainers on key claims. During this campaign Full Fact’s work appeared in venues as diverse as the Financial Times, Buzzfeed and Good Morning Britain.

Phoebe’s ongoing role is to maximise the practical impact of factchecks: corrections in newspapers, FoI requests, submitting submissions to Select Committees, and putting factchecking in front of a wider audience through the media. She has also led collaborations with international factcheckers, including delivering training to the Argentinian organisation Chequeado and developing the International Fact-Checking Network’s Code of Principles, which has over 40 signatories from around the world.

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