Mari Luz Peinado

head of digital strategy El País

Mari Luz Peinado is Head of Digital Strategy at El País (Spain). She is responsible for the design and implementation of initiatives to accelerate the digital transformation of the newsroom. Mari Luz is also focused on the creation and development of new online products. El País has reached more than 350,000 subscriptions in less than 4 years.

She has developed her career as a journalist working on digital and innovation projects. She worked in Verne for 6 years, a new journalistic product oriented to the millennial audience through mobile devices, social networks and new storytelling and narrative formats forEl País, first as an editor and then as editor-in-chief. Before this, she was part of the founding team of El País América, an adventure that gave her the opportunity of living in and writing about Mexico City for almost 3 years. She also wrote at, a pioneering native media outlet in Spain. The Online News Association awarded with the Excellence Award in 2008 and 2009.

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