Megan Lucero

director The Bureau Local

Megan Lucero joined the Bureau of Investigative Journalism in January 2017 to launch and run The Bureau Local, the UK's collaborative, investigative network. The Bureau Local is now made up of 800 reporters and members of the public who work together to produce unique, investigative stories that have positive impacts in their communities. Since launching, they've crowdsourced the first 12-month count of homeless deaths, documented over a thousand women turned away from domestic violence refuges in England and have filled the gap in crucial local government finance auditing. It has been described as “one of the most positive and effective interventions in local journalism in the UK for some time” and has won the Innovation prize at both the British Journalism Awards (2017) and the European Press Prize (2018). Previously, Megan was the Data Editor at The Times and Sunday Times.

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