Peter Cunliffe-Jones

executive director Africa Check

Peter Cunliffe-Jones is the Executive Director of Africa Check, Africa’s first fact-checking organisation, set up in Johannesburg in 2012 to promote accuracy in debate and the media in Africa in a partnership between the AFP Foundation and the Journalism Department of the University of the Witwatersrand. Since it was launched, its work has been published widely in newspapers and websites in South Africa and Nigeria and its researchers have been invited by radio and TV across the continent to discuss their findings.

As well as publishing reports, Africa Check provides tips, advice and online resources to media around the continent to enable them to improve their fact-checking for themselves.

Cunliffe-Jones devised and launched Africa Check after more than twenty years working as a journalist on three continents. Joining the AFP news agency in London in 1990, he has reported the end of the Bosnian war, lived and worked in Nigeria as Lagos bureau chief and in Hong Kong as chief editor for Asia. He has also written for The Economist, The Independent and The Guardian and provided commentary for Al Jazeera, BBC and CNN.

As well as being Executive Director of Africa Check he is Deputy Director of the AFP Foundation. His 2010 book My Nigeria – Five decades of independence was called “a triumph” by Nigerian literary legend Chinua Achebe.

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