Yann Guegan

deputy editor rue89.com

Yann Guegan is deputy editor-in-chief of rue89.com, an independent news website that has become arguably the most famous French pure player. He works as a bridge between the tech team and the editorial team and manages new projects on the web, on mobile phones and on tablets.

Yann graduated from the Lille school of journalism in 2001, and then worked as a freelance sub-editor in Paris for various magazines and newspapers such as Libération, Télérama and L'Express. He joined rue89.com a few weeks after its launch in May 2007. He became a rue89.com online editor and began to experiment with a lot of new ways of doing journalism, through user generated content, data visualization and social networks. This lead him to the position of webmaster and community manager a few years later, and then to deputy editor-in-chief.

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