How investigative reporter networks leverage AI to fight crime, Jimmy Lai lawyer reveals daily online threats, and is work working for women?

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How investigative reporter networks leverage AI to fight crime. Ashoka’s Irene Milleiro sat down with Paul Radu to learn how the OCCRP community is leveraging AI to augment the power of investigative journalists and unleash the investigator in all of us. Paul Radu will be a #ijf24 speaker.

Jimmy Lai lawyer reveals daily online threats and frustration with big tech. Speaking about her experience, Caoilfhionn Gallagher KC said that because she is acting for Jimmy Lai: “I woke up this morning to a hacking attempt on my bank account, a notification that there has been a hacking attempt on my chambers email, and I woke up to 11 threats of rape or dismemberment online. I have been raising these issues for a long period of time with my professional regulator and with tech companies.” Caoilfhionn Gallagher will be a #ijf24 speaker.

Is work working for women? Why CNN is launching a new series to find out. Eliza Anyangwe and Meera Senthilingam will be #ijf24 speakers.

Navigating the AI Frontier at the Dutch Public Broadcaster NPO: In Conversation with Ezra Eeman. What are the challenges and opportunities that arise when a media giant like NPO, the Dutch public media broadcaster, integrates AI across their newsrooms? Ezra Eeman and Nikita Roy will be #ijf24 speakers.

Can AI be sued for defamation? While the issues are far from settled, the prospect of creating civil liability for AI-generated content could have broad implications for how people get their news. Joel Simon will be a #ijf24 speaker.

Content from our partner McKinsey & Company

Improving employee health and well-being
could create $3.7 trillion to $11.7 trillion in economic value, according to McKinsey Health Institute research. In a new article, McKinsey’s Jacqueline Brassey, Barbara Jeffery, Lars Hartenstein, and Patrick Simon take a deep dive into how employers can improve employees’ health through six modifiable drivers: social interaction, mindsets and beliefs, productive activity, stress, economic security, and sleep.

How should we value news used by AI? A checklist for publishers. AI companies need quality information. News publishers have it. Should they share it? And how much should they get for it? Anya Schiffrin will be a #ijf24 speaker.

Nebula expands Originals to include Nebula news division. Indie streaming service Nebula is breaking into the news business. Jack Kelly will be a #ijf24 speaker.

AI deepfakes, bad laws – and a big fat Indian election. Almost one billion people head to the polls in a country threatened by misinformation and government censorship. Will AI make things worse? Mitali Mukherjee and Sam Gregory will be #ijf24 speakers.

International Fund for Public Interest Media annual report 2023. Nishant Lalwani will be a #ijf24 speaker.

Iran: do you want the good or the bad news? A great privilege of working at Index on Censorship is, and always has been, the amazing people we get to encounter, such as Iranian musician Toomaj Salehi. Jemimah Steinfeld will be a #ijf24 speaker.

Proof News is Julia Angwin’s attempt to bring the scientific method to investigative journalism. The cofounder of The Markup wants to expand beyond tech with her new publication. Julia Angwin will be a #ijf24 speaker.

Image credit: by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay