Nishant Lalwani

director Luminate

Nishant Lalwani is a director of Luminate, a global philanthropic organisation with the goal of empowering people and institutions to work together to build just and fair societies.

He leads Luminate's global strategy for investing in independent media. This includes Luminate's work in investigative journalism, press freedom, combatting misinformation, and innovative financial models for editorial independence. Nishant also leads Luminate's emergent work in storytelling across all our impact areas.

Prior to joining Luminate, Nishant co-founded the nonprofit Global Innovation Fund (GIF). As COO, he led GIF’s investment process and venture support team, making investments and grants across the world, including Burkina Faso, Pakistan, and the Philippines, as well as funding the first Social Impact Bond in Mexico.

Nishant was also on the founding team of the Monitor Inclusive Markets (MIM) group in India, which sought to drive scale among market-based solutions to poverty. He previously worked at the UN Development Programme in Zambia, developing new financing products for supply chains that engaged small businesses.

In a non-executive capacity, Nishant sits on the advisory board of The Correspondent and the boards of Year Here and Shivia.

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