Jean Claude Mbede

communications officer CIS

Jean Claude Mbede Fouda is a Cameroonian-born activist and journalist who has lived in Italy since 2008, where he became the first political refugee to join the Italian National Association of Journalists. He graduated in journalism at the University of Yaoundé and is currently working in Addis Ababa as a Communications Officer for Italian Cooperation in Ethiopia with an expertise in South Sudan and Djibouti. He founded All TV, winner of the best Italian web TV Awards in the category "Community" during the Teletopi Awards 2013. In 2012, he also founded the website Afrikitalia, while he was awarded Best African Journalist of the year by the African Excellence Awards. In Italy he collaborated with Gazzetta dello Sport and Sportweek and for two years he was a multiethnic author of the blog La Citta Nuova of Corriere della Sera. He is a politics and immigration commentator for various national television channels such as RAI and Mediaset TGcom 24. In 2010, he worked for Lookout TV. Before Italy, he was for six years (2002-2008) correspondent in Cameroon of the Voice of America (VOA) and Radio Vatican. At the same time, he was the editor-in-chief and senior reporter of STv2, the first private television channel in Cameroon. In 2007 he founded Fm Radio Liberte before fleeing into exile. In Italy he founded the Network of Exiled Journalists and  is also one of the promoters of the charitable Association based in Brussels, created  with many Cameroonian “stars” to ensure the inclusion of school children in rural areas of Cameroon.

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