Marina Akhmedova

Russky Reporter

Marina Akhmedova is a Moscow-based journalist and writer. She is a staff reporter at the popular Russky Reporter magazine. Her stories focus on social and cultural issues. She writes regularly on the North Caucasus. Marina is also an author of several popular novels. Her book Khadijah, Notes of a Death Girl (2011) was nominated for the Russian Booker, Russia’s most prestigious literary award and gained her a reputation as the rising star of Russian literature. Marina has travelled extensively to crisis-affected Ukraine. She has published a number of sensational reports and interviews with such prominent figures as Alexander Zakharchenko, the Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Popular Republic. Krokodil by Marina Akhmedova, translated by Dario Magnati, a book on Russian drug addicts, was published in Italian by Odoya/Meridiano Zero. Marina focuses on human truth in her reports rather than politics and military operations.

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