Mumin Shakirov

Radio Svoboda

Mumin Shakirov is Moscow-based journalist and documentary film director. In the nineties he worked for Litieraturnaya Gazyeta and Novaya Gazyeta. He joined the Radio Svoboda Moscow Bureau (funded by the US Radio Svoboda that has been broadcasting to Russia since the early 1950s) as their staff reporter in 1998. He covered the Tajikistan civil war, the first war in Chechnya, Russian regional politics, Russian democratic opposition. As a reporter he travelled to the most remote corners of Russia. He has directed several documentary films, among them the award-winning Holocaust, is that wallpaper paste? (2013). His recent Svoboda video and text reports on Crimea under Moscow rule attracted record numbers of viewers and readers. He has also produced a series of reports on refugees from Donbas fleeing to Ukraine and Russia.

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