Rosa Meneses

El Mundo

Rosa Meneses has been a staff reporter at the leading Spanish newspaper EL MUNDO since 1999. She is an expert in the Maghreb and Middle East region, covering war and post-conflict transitions, humanitarian crisis, human rights and political Islam issues. Since the Arab revolutions started in 2011 - and during its second wave from 2019 - she has covered mostly Tunisia, Libya and Syria conflicts, Algeria and Lebanon.

She is a Ochberg Fellow at the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, Columbia University Journalism School, New York. She was a member of the Board of Directors and Secretary General of Reporters Without Borders-Spain (2014-2020) and vice president at the International Council of Reporters Without Borders-International, working as a volunteer to raise awareness on freedom of information around the world and defend the rights of journalists under attack. She is now a member of the University Board at the Institute for Human Rights, Democracy and Peace (DEMOSPAZ), at the Autónoma University of Madrid, and part of the Advisory Board at CEIPAZ. She won the Prize Human Rights in Journalism 2016 awarded by the Spanish Association for Human Rights for her coverage on refugees exodus, as well as an awardee of Spain's National Prize on New Journalism in 2010.

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