Stephen Khan

editor-in-chief The Conversation UK

Stephen Khan is the editor of The Conversation’s English-language service in the UK and Europe. Prior to launching the project there in 2013, he was a news editor at The Guardian. He has also been deputy foreign editor of The Independent and Scotland editor of The Observer. As a correspondent he covered events including the 2000 US presidential election, the 2004 Asian tsunami, and the 2002 appeal trial in the Netherlands of the men accused of bombing Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland in 1988. He worked with the founders of The Conversation Australia to establish the concept in Europe amid shared international concerns about the veracity of specialist news content and public trust in mainstream media.

The Conversation brings together a team of experienced news editors with academic experts to provide a free-to-access and republish stream of analysis and commentary. It is read by more than 40 million people a month, and features in leading publications around the world daily.

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