Eric Karstens

media consultant

Eric Karstens is a grant writer, consultant, lecturer and author, focusing on media and communications, ICT, the Internet, media management, media development, journalism, and media policy. Over the last year, he has worked on grant proposals and tender applications for media-sector companies, NGOs, and foundations in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the US, South Africa, and Ukraine, and completed a cycle of lectures on Media & Innovation at the German University in Cairo.

See for reference Eric's 05 December 2017 article The media philanthropy space in 2017.

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Events in past editions
#IJF16 / 7 april 2016

How not to win a journalism grant

Grants have become an indispensable funding source for journalism. However, applying for a grant is a rocky road, and it requires thinking and writing in a manner that is, forgivably, alien to many ...