Maria Ramirez

director of strategy

Maria Ramirez has 20 years of experience as a reporter and more recently as an entrepreneur trying new things for media. She is currently the director of strategy at, a combative, independent newspaper supported by a pioneer reader membership model in Spain.

Most recently, she has lead seminars on polarization, nationalism and media distrust in the U.S. and Europe at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics as a Pritzker fellow. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, Nieman Reports, and Letras Libres. She was a Nieman fellow at Harvard for 2017-2018. She studied at the MIT how technology can help fight polarization and got involved in a project to promote quality journalism in the platforms. As a correspondent for El Mundo in Brussels and New York, she covered the crisis of the eurozone and much more. In the US, she covered four Presidential campaigns, including the 2016 one for Univision. She has co-founded two startups, El Español and Politibot.

Maria was born and raised in Spain, but studied in the Liceo Italiano of Madrid. She graduated with a Master of Science in Journalism at Columbia University in New York and studied international institutions at the London School of Economics. She speaks Spanish, Italian, English, and some French. She has worked in Milan, London, Brussels, New York and Chicago, in addition to Madrid. She has co-authored three books about US politics, including Marco Rubio y la hora de los hispanos (Debate, 2016.) and one about Brexit, entitled Little Britain.

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