Ros Atkins

creator and presenter Outside Source BBC

Ros Atkins is the creator and presenter of Outside Source which simulcasts on BBC News Channel in the UK and on BBC World News. Ros has been a BBC News TV and radio anchor for eighteen years during which he’s covered many of the biggest global stories including Brexit, COVID19 and multiple US and European elections. Since 2019, Ros' new video explainer format has become a global phenomenon with vast audiences on social media and on the BBC's digital, TV and radio channels. He's been labelled 'Explainer-in-Chief', with the Sunday Times crediting him with having 'invented a new genre of reporting'.

Ros is also the founder of the 50:50 Project which he grew from Outside Source to become an initiative that supports diverse representation in content across the BBC and in over a hundred other organisations in over twenty-five countries. London Business School and Harvard Kennedy School have published a study of how 50:50 was started. Ros is based in London where he lives with his wife Sara and their two daughters.

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