Marina Petrillo

journalist and author

Marina Petrillo is an author, broadcaster and journalist. She writes mainly about the use of public space and was a senior editor at Open Migration, reporting on migration and refugees. She was part of the team, Andy Carvin's award-winning social journalism project, and she was editor-in-chief at Radio Popolare. For her work on the Arab Spring, especially Egypt and Bahrain, she was named by the British newspaper The Independent one of the most influential non-celebrity Twitter users of 2011 in the world news category. She teaches narrative journalism at Scuola Holden. Her blog is Alaska hub. She is the author of the books I muri di Belfast (1996) about the peace process in Northern Ireland, Nativo Americano (2010) about Bruce Springsteen’s folk voice, and Canto la piazza elettrica (Youcanprint, 2021), a memoir on the protests of Tahrir square.

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#IJF13 / 26 april 2013

Ethical aggregation

Presentation by Steve Buttry, introduction by Marina Petrillo. With the drive for more content, aggregation reigns. But when are you aggregating too fast, too much or too close to the original stor...